The impact of the women’s march on Washington

Recapping the Women’s March

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Sitting down with Jeffrey Tobias Halter – author of "Why Women" – he discusses why the Women's March was the tipping point for women's voices in corporate America.

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The Gender Conversation QuickStarter Newsletter

Are you ready to start powerful conversations in the workplace about gender, diversity and equality?

Many organizations struggle with how to effectively communicate the difference in experiences that men and women are having on the job and in the workplace.

“In working with a variety of professional women’s associations, women’s employee resource groups and leadership development programs and corporate clients I’m asked about . . .

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Blind Spot – HR Professional

Jeffery Tobias Halter

“Advancing women today is a lot like diet and exercise – everybody knows it’s the right thing to do and nobody does it. We have to move from a conceptual head nod to true advocacy and passion,” said Halter. “It’s not one thing, it’s issues that no one wants to address…because they’re complex, they’re interrelated and most companies have not done the . . .

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