Men: This Mother’s Day Become an Advocate for Women

Advocate for Women | Father of Daughter Initiative - Jeffery Tobias Halter

What a difference a year makes. For the past couple of years, I’ve been saying that women’s advancement is stuck and the needle isn’t moving. Well, the needle may be stuck, but women’s voices are rising. In January we witnessed record-setting crowds for the Women’s March and while the headlines aren’t always positive, women’s issues are in the forefront of the news.

Real . . .

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Mother’s Day Initiative: Women Championing Women

Women Championing Women - a YWomen Initiative to advance women

The Critical Need this Mother’s Day for Women to Support Other Women

From a full transparency standpoint, I do not think men should be talking about how women need to support other women. But since I’m often asked about this I’m going to share my thoughts. My business focuses on advocating for the advancement of women through active male engagement. Last year I . . .

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One Way Men Can Close The Gender Pay Gap








New parents joyfully describe the time when they hold their child for the first time, and how in that instant their life changes. That powerful moment is chockfull of love, hope and responsibility.

My generation of boomer fathers wanted to raise strong daughters. We supported their interest in sports, arts and academics. We encouraged them to go to great schools and seek meaningful . . .

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It’s Time for Dads to Step up for our Daughters, and Audi is Showing the Way

Our daughters are counting on us to eliminate workplace gender inequalities and the pay gap

Audi tackled gender equality and the pay gap in their 2017 Super Bowl ad.

The one-minute spot features a young girl participating in a coed downhill cart race. Narrated by her father as he watches the race, we hear him think about the . . .

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Podcast: Women@Work – Why Engage Men in Women’s Advancement

We keep expecting women to #leanin, what we need is men to #standup.

Recently, I spoke with Laura Zarrow for Women@Work on SiriusXM BusinessRadio111 about why we need to engage men in women’s advancement

Women in the workplace and need for male champions

For decades, we have encouraged women to build their skills or change their leadership style in order to advance in . . .

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