It’s time for dads to step up for our daughters, and Audi is showing the way

Our daughters are counting on us eliminate workplace gender inequalities and the pay gap

Audi tackled gender equality and the pay gap in their 2017 Super Bowl ad.

The one-minute spot features a young girl participating in a coed downhill cart race. Narrated by her father as he watches the race, we hear him think about the inequities his daughter . . .

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Women@Work Radio Interview #BizRadio111 with Jeffery Tobias Halter

We keep expecting women to #leanin, what we need is men to #standup.

I was recently interviewed by Laura Zarrow for Women@Work on SiriusXM BusinessRadio111 about advancing women in the workplace and need for male engagement.

For decades, we have encouraged women to build their skills or change their leadership style in order to advance in the workplace. Yet the number women holding . . .

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Give Your Daughter a Gift

Dorothy Cascerceri recently shared her  Father’s Day Gift Guide on FOX4 segment. My book Why Women: The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men and the Father of a Daughter Initiative were among her selections for business savvy dads. Join me this father’s day to give your daughter the gift of a brighter . . .

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This Father’s Day Give Your Daughter A Gift

It’s time for more men to advocate for women in the workplace.

Women’s advancement is stuck.  A sense of urgency will never take place until fathers of daughters realize the responsibility they have to be change agents.

We can talk about the business case, strategies and talent initiatives but without a personal connection, men will never feel the true need to be committed to . . .

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We keep expecting #women to #LeanIn, what we need is #men to #standup.

Hey, Men! Do Something for your Mothers, Wives, and Daughters. Stand-up for Women.

Women’s Pay Equity Day came and went without a lot of hoopla. April 12th  symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. Obama made a speech and Pinterest and Twitter exploded, for a day or two but it has already . . .

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