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Oprah has spoken. #TimesUp

08 Jan 2018

Is your company ready? In January 2017 millions of women marched to show solidarity. Throughout the year we heard more and more…

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#MeToo Tipping Point Flash Point Three Things best in class companies are doing to advance women

Flash Point: The Effect Of The #MeToo Momentum

18 Dec 2017

The three things best-in-class companies are doing to advance women and what that means in the fight against sexual harassment.…

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It is time for more men to pledge to treat women with respect and challenge other men when they don’t.

Corporate America’s Dirty Little Secret – Sexual Harassment

13 Nov 2017

A small but critical mass of men are speaking up and asking, “What can I do?” The exposure of rampant…

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If you see something, say something.

Burger King and Bullying, a Message for Male Champions.

09 Nov 2017

If you see something, say something. I am often asked for simple things men can do to demonstrate advocacy for…

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Gretchen Carlson Be Fierce

Gretchen Carlson is speaking up and encouraging each of us to do the same.

30 Oct 2017

#BeFierce is a call to action for men and women. Gretchen Carlson, one of America’s most successful and recognized news…

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Deloitte’s Approach To Women’s Advancement: Shifting The Focus To Men

06 Oct 2017

Fixing gender inequities by focusing on male managers. In August, Deloitte announced its plans to phase out its women’s network…

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Listen – Tips to Create Male Allies, Champions and Advocates

29 Sep 2017

Men, it’s time to listen up in order to understand the evolving workplace In my experience, when men are ready…

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Women Fantasy Footbal

Women and Fantasy Sports. For the Love the Game and Competition.

22 Aug 2017

What Do 17.2 Million Women Know That You Don’t (Yet)?  Fantasy Football season is right around the corner. Does it…

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Jeffery Tobias Halter on why most unconscious bias training doesn't work

Why Your Unconscious Bias Training Isn’t Working

10 Aug 2017

Why Unconscious Gender Bias Training is Essential Will your company be the next Google or Uber? What are you doing to drive real change…

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