What a Trump victory means for women’s leadership advancement

Jeffery Tobias Halter on what a Trump victory means for women's advancement in corporate America

One of the first reactions of a Trump victory will be the question will hurt or even hinder women’s leadership advancement in corporate America and was Hillary’s loss in part because the country is not ready for a female president.¬†While the pundits will analyze this election for years, as a corporate gender strategist I do not believe that either of these will . . .

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TEDx Talks, Red Pumps and Women’s Leadership Advancement

Jeffery Tobias Halter giving TEDx Talk in red pumps

Men and women are having different experiences in the workplace

Last week I had the privilege of sitting down with Gracie Bonds Staples to talk about my work as a corporate gender strategist, my book “Why Women”, the upcoming TEDxStLouisWomen talk, my red pumps and the Father of a Daughter initiative.

Each week, Gracie Bonds Staples will bring you . . .

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