Fantasy Football, Women and Networking

FACT: Women now account for more than 20% of all fantasy football participants.

On a recent flight, I was re-reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean-In, when I glanced at the women next to me and she was reading ESPN’s Fantasy Football Preview. We shared a laugh that she was reading about football and I was reading about women’s leadership advancement. For the next hour, we . . .

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Podcast: Women, Men and Hollywood

podcast the other 50%

I was recently interviewed by Julie Harris Walker for her podcast The Other 50% A Herstory of Hollywood.  You can also find it on iTunes under  – “The Other 50%” Episode 13: Jeffery Tobias Halter.  

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Here’s the set-up for the podcast interview:

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Women@Work Radio Interview #BizRadio111 with Jeffery Tobias Halter

We keep expecting women to #leanin, what we need is men to #standup.

I was recently interviewed by Laura Zarrow for Women@Work on SiriusXM BusinessRadio111 about advancing women in the workplace and need for male engagement.

For decades, we have encouraged women to build their skills or change their leadership style in order to advance in the workplace. Yet the number women holding . . .

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