Bradley Cooper – Male Champion

Listen. Learn. Take Action!

Recently Bradley Cooper came out and stated he is going to be an advocate for pay equity in his future movie roles. He said that he has started “teaming up” with female co-stars to negotiate salaries before films go into production.

What does this have to do with leaders in corporate America? I work with senior male leaders everyday . . .

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Are You Really Listening to Your Biggest Customer – Women?!

Are Your Male Store Managers Gender Aware?

I have been consulting with a very progressive international grocery chain to develop and implement a fully integrated women’s leadership strategy. Currently our work is focused on the front lines of their business – the retail store manager. As part of the strategy, we created engagement groups for male middle and regional managers to become more . . .

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Women’s Advancement: Three Things Men Aren’t Telling Women (Part Three of Three)

Do Men Really Care About Advocating for the Advancement of Women?

In Part 1 and 2 of this series I provided the context of Women’s Advancement: Three Things Men Aren’t Telling Women. The first and second questions raised by men and the solutions provided were:

“I don’t understand why things need to change. What’s different today that should cause me focus on women?” . . .

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