Podcast: Why Is Diversity Important

Do you ever wonder why diversity is important? Perhaps you’ve also wondered:

How should we think about diversity? Is it just about hiring diverse individuals, or is it more holistic, extending to vendors, etc.
There is an overall impression that increasing diversity sacrifices skills. 
Why are these so few women in tech or in the C-suite?
What about other minorities
From a large business perspective, it is . . .

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What Men Aren’t Telling Women (Part Two of Three)

Is your Leadership team able to manage talent that is NOT LIKE THEMSELVES?

In my last post, I wrote about the three things men won’t reveal to their female colleagues when it comes to women’s advancement. To recap the three things men aren’t saying to women:

“I don’t understand why things need to change. What’s different today that should cause me focus on women?”
“Even if . . .

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Podcast: Take The Lead A Conversation with Betsy Meyers

Tips on how to be an advocate and an inclusive leader

Recently, I was interviewed by Betsy Meyers.  Here’s the podcast of the interview.

5 things to help men and women understand and unleash the power of women in organizations.
Tips on how to be an advocate and an inclusive leader.

How can you grow your company’s revenue, improve operating profit and . . .

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Women’s Advancement: Three Things Men Aren’t Telling Women (Part One of Three)

YWomen Women's Leadership and Advancement - what men aren't telling women

What is your company doing to recognize women as an Operating Priority?

As I work with corporate clients I’ve had many opportunities to understand what holds (well-meaning) men back from fully committing to women’s leadership programs – the inner thoughts and voices that prevents them from understanding the great economic value women unlock for companies.

Once, when I was invited to speak to . . .

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