Lessons from Angelina Jolie: Leadership And Advancing Women in the Workplace Lessons

Advancing women in the workplace

Addressing a group of delegates in Johannesburg, South Africa, Special Envoy of the United Nations, Jolie emphasized how it was critical to engage men in the fight for women’s rights, saying that the women’s rights movement begins at the individual level.

When it comes to women’s empowerment and leadership issues, director and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie is a powerful . . .

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Is Your Company Doing The One Thing That Will Retain Female Employees?

Workplace Flexibility…And it Doesn’t Cost a Dime! 

When it comes to Work-Life balance, few topics are more divisive among employees and management than the issue of workplace flexibility, especially if you are a Mom (or Dad) trying to juggle the pressures of parenting and want to move up the ranks to an Executive.

In fact, when More magazine asked women in 2011 the following . . .

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Join the Father of a Daughter Corporate Challenge

10 things men are doing to support their daughters and advocate for women in the workplace.

My Father of a Daughter Initiative is off to an extraordinary start. Last week it was picked up by Huffington Post after getting 11,000+ views on LinkedIn. And this week we are launching the Father of a Daughter Corporate Challenge.

Thank you. Thank you for reading . . .

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Father of a Daughter Initiative and Father’s Day – Let’s Keep The Conversation Going

Father of a Daughter Initiative + Special Why Women Book Offer for Father’s Day

I want to thank everybody for their interest in the Father of a Daughter Initiative and signed the With more than 10,000 views (and counting) on Huffington Post and LinkedIn, it just goes to show that it’s time to act on women’s leadership issues.

If you . . .

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10 Simple Things Fathers of a Daughter can do to Advocate for Women

This Father’s Day Give Your Daughter A Gift

Women’s leadership advancement is stuck.

Real change with a sense of urgency will never take place until fathers of daughters realize the responsibility they have to be change agents.

We can talk about the business case, strategies and talent initiatives and even tying compensation to gender goals but without a personal connection men will never . . .

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